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Getting to Coimbra

By Car:

From Lisbon (South) or Oporto (North) take the A1 (motorway).

If you’re coming from Europe, you may take A25 (motorway), from the Spanish border (Vilar Formoso) and connect to IP3 at Viseu.



By Train:

National trains from major Portuguese cities such as Lisbon and Porto, operated by CP (Portuguese Railways), and some international coming from Vilar Formoso border / Irun to Coimbra arrive daily.

In addition to the rail terminal “Coimbra B”, city also has another station “Coimbra cidade”, in the city center.


Schedules available here



By Bus:

Regular bus services connect various cities, towns and major cities of the country, to Coimbra.

Although you may find others, the main national operator is “Rede de Expressos”.


Schedules available here.



By Plane:

The closer airports are: Francisco Sá Carneiro (Oporto - 110 km) and Portela (Lisbon - 210 Km).